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New Products:

Walkin' All-Weather Boots by Walkin Pets
Walkin' All-Weather Boots by Walkin Pets

Walkin' Small Front Vest by Walkin' Pets
Walkin' Small Front Vest by Walkin' Pets

Slipcover pet crate by WrapSit™
Slipcover pet crate by WrapSit™

Katie's Bumpers Football
Katie's Bumpers Football

LED Dual Pet Leash by NiteBeams
LED Dual Pet Leash by NiteBeams

Help Lost Animals

Help Lost Pets Help Lost, Found, Adoptable pets. Utilize a map and search capability to list your list pet, find the owner of a pet you found, or find a pet to adopt.

Your pet can suffocate in an empty chip bags

This is a must read story posted by the Center for Pet Safety

Center for Pet Safety releases 2015 Carrier & Crate Crash Study Results

In 2015 Center for Pet Safety and Subaru of America renewed a partnership with the intent to study the crashworthiness of pet travel crates that claimed “testing”, “crash testing” or “crash protection”. Additionally, other popular pet travel carriers were sampled and tested to help Center for Pet Safety educate pet owners about the performance differences of distraction prevention carriers and crash protection carriers. Read the press release and the results from the Center for Pet Safety

Safety tests on Dog Automible Harnesses

On October 3rd, 2013 the Center for Pet Safety sponsored by Subaru of America recently completed a landmark study on the crashworthiness of pet harnesses. See an introduction to the Center for Pet Safety below. Eleven pet harnesses were tested. See videos of the actual tests along with the press release of these findings. CPS and Subaru have also developed a safe travel brochure to help you plan for your adventures together! CPS designed the first of its kind pet harness study that included crash testing as one of its measures. Pet harness crash tests mirrored the test used for determining the effectiveness of child restraint systems for autos.

Winner of 2014 & 2013 Constant Contact All Star Award

The Constant Contact All Star awards recognize clients who excel at using Constant Contact tools to engage with their own customers and build great relationships. This status is an annual designation that only 10% of customers achieve. Critter Cozy customers noticed and responded positively. Critter Cozy stood out from the more than 500,000 organizations internationally who use Constant Contact. Every year the competition gets tougher as the best clients just get better! 2014 Constant Contact All Star Award 2013 Constant Contact All Star Award

How safe are the Pet products you buy?

Do you know there are no safety standards for products such as animal life jackets and pet seat belts? Each manufacturer designs their products to their own ideals. In the manufacturing of human devices with such purposes, there are regulations which manufacturers must adhere to and test specifications that must be met. There are organizations such as the Consumer Union (the organization behind the "Consumer Report" magazine) which provides testing and ratings on important purchases.

Did you know toads can be dangerous to your pet

On September 1st an article appeared in the Carroll County Times titled "Family warns others to keep pets away from toads". This is the story of a a Jack Russell terrier that became fataly ill from biting a toad. This is not a unique situation. According to the web site
All About Dogs by Domestic dogs can die within 15 minutes of eating a toad. If your dog has seizures or convulsions one should see veterinarian assistance immediately!

How Safe is your Pet?

      Have you really ever asked yourself that question? I'm sure your pet has all the love you can give. No doubt, great toys are all around for exercise and general enjoyment. I'll bet your pet is well fed and cared for. However, Would emergency responders know you have pets in the dwelling?
      According to the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association it is estimated hundreds of thousands of pets are killed by house fires each year. Just go to you favorite web search engine and enter "how many pets die in fire". Thousands of articles, blogs, and related stories will be result. Placing a brightly colored decal to your home's windows and/or doors is an inexpensive way to alert the emergency responders that there are pets inside. Pet Alert is one such product.

Pet Bed Warmer WARNING!

Never use a human heating pad for your pet! Human rated heating pads reach much higher temperatures than a pet's body temperature (102 degrees) and may cause injury. Human heating pads are designed to be placed on top of the body and not laid upon.