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Pet Exercise Pen by Midwest

Indoors or outdoors, a Midwest Exercise pen is great if you want to keep your pet safe and contained, but with room to move. The pens are available with Black Electro-Coat or Acri-Lock™ Acrylic Coated Gold Zinc for long lasting protection. These versatile pens can be used for a variety of pets and fold flat for convenient storage. The rounded safety-corners not only protect pets, but people and surfaces as well.

Each pen has eight (8) 24" wide panels for a total of sixteen (16) linear feet in length. Can be deployed in any shape, such as 4ft x 4ft square, or 4ft 5in x 4ft 5in octagon. Ground anchors help to secure the exercise pen to the ground, and to help keep him from lifting the pen with his nose. Corner Stabilizers add rigidity and maintain exercise pen configuration for the safety of your dog. They set up and down very quickly and are particularly good if you travel with your dog.

The Exercise pen features a step-through design which allows easy access to the pen. There is no top bar across the opening; there is an approximately 7" step and then you are into the pen. The Exercise Pen door has a double latch design. When the door is closed and the latch is folded flat down against the Exercise Pen, they will not slide. The door hinges on the left and latches on the right and provides an opening approximately 18" wide.

Note: This product is not recommended for dogs that like to jump.

# panelsDog weightPrice
24"24"8up to 25 lbs.$49.99
24"30"826 - 40 lbs.$52.99
24"36"841 - 70 lbs.$59.99
24"42"871 - 90 lbs.$65.99
24"48"891 - 110 lbs.$72.99

Pet Exercise Pen by Midwest
Secure Double Latch Door Access
Durable Finish - Provides Long Lasting Protection
Includes Ground Stakes & Corner Stabilizers
Can Be Used For a Variety of Pets
Folds flat for Convenient Storage
Easy to Set-up (No Tools Needed)

Include Accessories at discounted price when purchased with pen
    E-Coat Black Mesh Top (Only Additional $34.99, a $5.00 savings)
    Sunscreen (Only Additional $34.99, a $5.00 savings)
    8 additional Ground Stakes (Additional $6.29)

    Add all 3 accessories for only $69.99 (additional $16.28 savings)

  Select Size:

Select Finish:

Total Price

Accessories available separately

E-Coat Black Mesh Top
Pet Exercise Pen Mesh Top by Midwest
Keeps Intruders Out
Keeps Pets In
Works for Exercise Pens in 4' x 4' Square configuration
Allows the door of your pen to open and close fully
Black E-Coat Finish
Attaches to the edges of the pen
9 & 11 Gauge wire with 1 1/2" spacing
Includes: 8 Metal Bolt Snaps
$39.99 when sold separately

Pet Exercise Pen Mesh Top by Midwest
Black Woven Polyethylene
Black Vinyl Coated Polyester Edging
Blocks 80% of the UV rays
Helps stop debris from getting in the pen
Fits all Exercise Pens
Works for Exercise Pens in 4' x 4' Square configuration
Keeps your pet out of the direct hot sun.
16 Brass Grommets, Set 12" Apart
Includes: 16 Plastic Strap Ties
$39.99 when sold separately

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