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Smoke Alarm Monitoring

No WiFiNo ElectricNo Panel24 hr. monitoring

24/7 U.L. Listed Central Monitoring Station.
Photoelectric Smoke Alarm
Video - What you should know about Ionization and Photoelectric technology.
10 year Lithium battery
Video - How the Smoke Alarm Monitoring system works.
Possible Home Owner's Insurance discount up to 15%.
All the alarms talk to each other, when one detects smoke they all sound the alert.
Central Station connectivity via mobile technology networks
Automatic calibration and self-test
Fully supervised for low battery and malfunction
Quick install plate. Works out of the box
SMS/Email alerts for low battery, alarms, connectivity, self-test.
No long-term contract (only month to month).
Take your units with you when you move.
Great for RVs.
US PATENT 20120295567 A1.
Soon to be available in Canada - Keep Me Posted
Smoke Alarm Monitoring
Your price only $75.00 for monitor device
Monitoring service is only $19.99/month ($14.95/month when paid quarterly)

Beeping smoke alarms are useless if no one is home or even worse when young children or pets can't dial 911 in the event of a fire. Standard smoke detectors don't call for help — this service does. Never worry about your family, your pets, your home, barn or RV. The SAM Smart Detector is the first and only Smart Smoke Detector that is battery powered and monitored by 24/7 Central Station emergency operators.

The patented cellular based system eliminates the need for power, WiFi and telephone lines. If smoke is detected in the house, the central station operators will call and text everyone on your emergency list. If it's not a false alarm, they will dispatch the fire department. EVERY SECOND COUNTS! Home fires occur every day, causing thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in damage. If you aren't home, or can't reach the phone, Smoke Alarm Monitoring will still keep you and your property safe. Your pets are protected even when you are away! Emergency Operators will know the names of your pets & notify authorities you have pets in the home.

The SAM Smart Detector uses cellular technology so there are No wires to connect, No programming needed to your internet or WiFi, No electric or phone line to plug in. Even though it uses cellular technology it is not connected to your personal cellular plan! The SAM (Smoke Alarm Monitoring) Smart Detector is easy to install. Just open the box, insert the batteries, place on your ceiling, and register your device online. SAM understands how important it is to keep your family, pets and home safe. Financial constraints should not prevent you from protecting your family, pets and home from fire.

For a low monthly fee, the Smoke Alarm Monitoring System acts to directly contact emergency operators in the event of an emergency. Many customers may actually save money after calculating their home owner's insurance savings. The monitoring fee is month-to-month so there is no contract to sign! You can easily cancel your subscription at any time!

Compare and be Surprised!
FeatureRetail Smoke
Standard AlarmNESTSmoke Alarm
Low Battery AlertXXXX
Central Station X X
Text Alerts XXX
No WiFi Needed X X
Np App RequiredX  X
No Electric Required   X
No Monitoring Contracts
or Credit Check
No Installation RequiredX XX
Cellular based   X
Homeowners Insurance Discount X X

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