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Dog Boots by PAWZ

SizePaw SizeColorPrice
Tinyup to 1"Green$12.99
XX-Smallup to 1 1/2"Yellow$12.99
X-Smallup to 2"Orange$13.49
Smallup to 2 1/2"Red$14.49
Mediumup to 3"Blue$16.49
Largeup to 4"Purple or Black$17.49
X-Large4" and largerDark Green$18.99

FREE SHIPPING in continental US
Sold in package of 12 individual boots
All natural rubber
Made in the USA
Disposable, reusable, waterproof
Bends with paw and absolutely stays on
Protection from ice, snow, salt, lawn chemicals and hot surfaces
Assists with traction control and allergies
Video of Putting On Pawz
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Dog Booties by PAWZ

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PAWZ is the world's only disposable and reusable, waterproof dog boot. Made of natural rubber, PAWZ are 100% biodegradable. No other boot protects against liquid chloride and other liquid hazards. Fashionable yet durable, PAWZ offers serious paw protection. These boots are designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers or straps. PAWZ is the most natural-feeling boot your dog can wear because without padding your dog can feel the ground through the boot that is what gives your dog that needed sense of security not possible with a typical dog boot. Like a sock, PAWZ move with your dog allowing full paw motion and maximum comfort. Just imagine never losing another expensive boot again!

PAWZ come 12 in a package and each boot may be worn many times. The size chart is just a guide. Dogs of a single breed may wear smaller or larger sizes based on age, sex and weight.

Some customers have expressed difficulty putting the PAWZ onto their pet. We are excited to carry the Paws Jawz. This product allows customers to put a PAWZ boot on with one hand. When you order the Paws Jawz with your boots we are offering you a special discount.

NOTE: So there are a few things we think you should know in order to experience success maintaining paw health with Pawz Dog Boots

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