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Power Paws by Woodrow Wear

Traction help for senior dogs
Make movement easier
Increase your pet's quality of life
Helps dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis
Beneficial for handicapped dogs and amputees
Socks are machine washable
Light, comfortable and breathable
Proportionally sized non-slip tread shown here
FREE SHIPPING in continental US
Power Paws Bottom
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A set of 4 socks is only


for Original


for Advanced (with Reinforced Toe)


for Reinforced Foot & Toe
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size chart     greyhound size chart
Double click image to enlargeSpecifically designed
for Greyhounds and
hare-footed dogs
Pink w/White Bone   Gray w/Black Stripe   Greyhound Edition is specifically designed for Greyhounds
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Blue w/Red Heart   Blue w/White Bone  
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Power Paws are non-slip socks for dogs have many uses from preventing your older or senior dog from sliding on slippery floors, to paw protection from wounds or from very hot or very cold (snow or ice) surfaces. Because Power Paws are dog socks not dog shoes, they are easier to care for and frequently more comfortable for many dogs. List of Uses

Power Paws dog socks, like your socks, were designed for indoor use. Power paws are designed for comfort. The cotton material used for Power Paws is light and soft, even dogs who hate having things on their feet are not bothered by them! The special traction blend will not get hard and does not contain grit. The elastic stretches to keep them in place. They also provide airflow around your dog's feet and are machine washable! Power Paws are also eco-friendly (made only of cotton and elastic).

Three Styles to meet your pet's needs

The Greyhound style is meant for dogs with hare feet — "two center digits being longer than the inside and outside toes and a lack of arching in the toes resulting in the feet appearing longer". Typical breeds with hare feet include Italian Greyhounds, Miniature Poodles, Whippets, Australian Shepherds, Standard Poodles and Greyhounds, but any individual dog may have hare feet.

Check out this set of YouTube videos of Before & After using Power Paws
Or look at this YouTube Video of Isabelle, a three-legged dog

Power Paws – in a wide variety of sizes – fit virtually all dogs. Be sure to print (print at 100%) the Paw Print Size guide or the Greyhound Paw Print Size guide and use the breed size and weight guide to help ensure your dog gets the best fit! Please see the sizing information to make the best selection for your dog.

*All Woodrow Wear products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If used indoors, they also have a 6 month warranty for workmanship and defects in the product. If worn outdoors, you will experience faster wear which isn't covered by the warranty.

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