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Critter's Inflatable Pet Life Jacket

The odds of a pet drowning in the USA are one out of every 1,028 every year. This equates to as many as 170,000 dogs, cats and small animals! [Dec 23, 2009]

This is an outstanding product for the safety of your pet while out on the water. This is a one of a kind Inflatable Pet Life Jacket, by Critter's Inflatable® is the worlds first and only fully automatic inflatable pet life jacket for your companion animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, and any other four legged animal within the three size ranges shown below). Additionally, when needed, this automatic feature can be changed so that you may orally inflate this pet life jacket. There are other life jackets on the market but this one keeps your pets head above the water when they are tired or unconscious.

While many people assume that all dogs are innate swimmers, there are certain breeds - including Basset Hounds, Pugs and English Bulldogs - that sink like a rock in the water because their short legs can't keep their large, heavy muscular bodies afloat. Even dogs that are strong swimmers can benefit from wearing a life jacket, because hyperthermia will affect dogs the same way it does humans. There are too many deaths each year from people trying to rescue their pets from the water because their pet was not wearing a life jacket. This life jacket has a handle that one can use to lift the pet out of the water from a boat or dock.

See the Life Jacket in action

       Large Dog Video       Small Dog Video       Demonstration Video

Pet Life Preserver Thousands of pets drown unnecessarily each year.[1]
Great for water training and therapy to overcome physical problems
Fully automatic inflatable
Can be changed to orally inflate pet life jacket
Only available in Continental United States, includes the 48 U.S. states located south of the U.S. border with Canada, District of Columbia and Alaska
Made in the USA
Ships USPS Ground (priority is not available on this product)

SizePet WeightPet Chest Size*ProductPriceQuantity 
Small6 - 15 lbs.13" - 17"Life Jacket$60.00 + S&H
Additional ReArm Kit$13.00 + S&H
Medium10 - 40 lbs.17" - 30"Life Jacket
Out of Stock
$60.00 + S&H  
Out of Stock
Keep Me Posted
Additional ReArm Kit$15.00 + S&H
Large35 - 200 lbs.27" - 48"Life Jacket
Out of Stock
$60.00 + S&H  
Out of Stock
Keep Me Posted
Additional ReArm Kit$17.50 + S&H
LED Mini-Glowstick
LED Mini-Glowstick
  Add a LED Mini-Glowstick for only $2.39 ($0.60 savings when purchased with life jacket)
Quantity:   (not to exceed # of life jackets in this order)
*Measure the Chest Size around the broadest part of the your pet's chest and add 2"

This product is covered by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Patent No. 6,659,824 B1 date of Patent: Dec. 9, 2003.
This product's Trademark has been registered by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Reg. No. 2,939,836 Registered Apr. 12, 2005.
Critter Cozy is an authorized seller.

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