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Pet First Aid & CPR

We are excited to announce that Critter Cozy has a qualified Pet First Aid and CPR instructor offering top notch instruction. This offering enables all pet parents and pet care providers in the area to be prepared for situations which may require life saving preparidness.

Your pets, just like children are at greater risk of death or injury from preventable accidents than any other reason. Taking the correct and proper actions can significantly increase the chances of survival and reduce the extent of injury to your pet, before transporting them to your veterinarian. Critter Cozy is offering the Pet First Aid & CPR class at various times throughout the year. An important part of being a caring, conscientious, responsible and loving pet owner is knowing these lifesaving skills.
PetTech Instructor Emplem

Learn Pet CPR & First Aid!

In this 5-hour First Aid & CPR class, participants use plush cat and dog models to reinforce the hands-on component of lecture and instructor-led demonstrations. Participants will learn choking management, 3-types of physical assessment, CPR, rescue breathing, bleeding & bandaging techniques, heat & cold injuries, seizures, poisoning, muzzling, vital signs and more! As a wonderful addition, K9 resuscitation manikin complete with breathing, chest compression and femoral pulse palpation capabilities is used to enhance the CPR and rescue breathing experience.

Additional Information:
Students will not only learn an array of life saving skills, each student will also receive the 40-page PetSaver course manual, a course certificate of training valid for 2 years and emergency wallet card.

Simply click on the "Register Now" link below the date to take you to the Pet Tech™ registration page

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