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Green Hope Farm - Flower Essences

Green Hope Farm Animal Wellness

Custom Flower Essence Blends
The 1/2-oz. bottle contains approximately 300 drops
The 2-oz. bottle contains approximately 1200 drops.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Abandonment & Abuse

This remedy is helpful for rescue animals or any animal that has been through an experience of trauma, abuse, or abandonment. Even years after being rescued and placed in a wonderful home, an animal may have emotional scars that can be healed and behaviors that can be released through work with this remedy. Emotional scars and behavioral issues unwound and released by this remedy include post-traumatic stress, terror at being handled, loner behavior, socialization issues, depression, odd phobias, cringing, and hiding.

Animal Emergency Care

An animals electrical system is greatly challenged by any situation of trauma, shock, stress, or emergency medical situation. The resulting fear, panic, or other adrenalized states can hinder an animals ability to receive the full benefits of any healing support. This remedy helps calm and stabilize an animals electrical system so the animal can better receive and process any healing on offer. In addition, this remedy brings its own healing wisdom to the situation. It is excellent to use frequently at the time of any emergency situation, but also offers much support during an ongoing illness.


This remedy helps to ease and release anxiety-based behaviors including but not limited to nervous habits, anxious or obsessive behaviors such as excessive licking or feather picking, fear of people or being handled, phobias, confused thinking, fear of loud noises including thunderstorms, anxiety during car travel, and overactive watchdog behavior including pacing. This is our most popular remedy.

Arbor Garden

Created in our Arbor Garden with all the Flowers that bloom there, this mix holds a vibration of oneness, harmony, grace, and sanctuary. Excellent for grief, disharmony, or any situations where we have forgotten our oneness


This remedy supports the health and well-being of the pulmonary and upper respiratory systems. Consider this remedy for all conditions of the lungs, eyes, ears, nose, and throat-including allergic situations, respiratory infections, and all breathing difficulties.


This remedy offers support to people and animals in caretaking roles. It nourishes empathy and unconditional love in caregiving relationships, increases intuitive communication, restores joy and enthusiasm in selfless service, and supports a balance of giving and receiving.

Digestive Woes

This remedy supports the digestive tract and addresses chronic conditions, illness, and problems with digestion and flow. It also works to promote the overall health of the gastrointestinal system and related organs including the liver.

Flee Free

It is our experience that an animal with good electrical vitality naturally rebuffs pests. We believe the best way to support an animal to be pest free is to help increase the animal’s electrical vitality. This remedy helps improve the electrical vitality of an animal so that the animal’s electrical field rebuffs pests including fleas and ticks. It can be used to strengthen an animal’s electrical system when under attack from pests. It can also be taken routinely to keep an animal’s electrical system strong and capable of easily keeping pests at bay.

Flow Free

One of the most effective and versatile remedies in our entire collection, Flow Free helps to move energy that is stuck. In the physical body, it helps with issues of fl ow in the nervous system, urinary tract, digestive tract, lymphatic system, and circulatory system. Flow Free also helps an animal move beyond unconstructive mental or emotional patterns toward more balanced behavior. Consider this remedy for any situation of blockage or difficulty with emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical flow.

Golden Armor

Strong buffering combination mixture especially helpful with protection from the discordant sound vibrations and electro magnetic dissonance of the modern world. Golden Armor is also an excellent remedy for keeping negativity or lower-vibration energies like viruses out of our electrical systems. This remedy helps animals and people to rebuff the negativity of any out-of-balance animal, person, or situation.

Grief & Loss

This remedy supports people and animals during any situation of grief, despair, depression, or loss. It offers deep support when a caretaker, friend, or animal companion dies, or when there has been a loss of a home or the break-up of a family.

Healthy Coat

This remedy offers support for healthy skin and fur. It encourages healthy, luxurious fur growth. It helps with conditions of the skin or coat including hot spots, rashes, skin sensitivities, infections, allergic situations, and wound healing. Healthy Coat also supports the healing process for all raw, inflamed, or reactive tissue internally as well as externally.

Immune Support

This remedy offers dynamic support for the health and vitality of the immune system.


This remedy promotes harmony and balance in any community of animals. It can be used to ease sibling rivalry or any situation of jealousy in a pack or family of animals.


Animals need to know their place in the pack. This remedy supports animals to find the right relationship with their human caretakers and within the pack of animals and people they live with. It is helpful for animals who are confused or anxious about their relationships with people or who waver between self confidence and no confidence, exhibiting such symptoms as resentment, alpha behavior, or clinginess in their search for their place in the world.

New Beginnings

When a new person or animals joins the pack or when there is any change in the household, this remedy helps everyone to adjust to new roles, new circumstances, and new pack dynamics. It helps every member of the pack or family to live from a centered place of harmonious calm.


This remedy addresses issues of aggression, outbursts of violent or inappropriate behaviors that are unexpected, out of character, or unacceptable. It also helps with explosive body reactions including skin eruptions or any unproductive release of pent-up emotions through destructive physical activity. Animals act as sponges, absorbing energy wherever they go. It is easy for them to collect too much negativity and become electrically overcharged. If they cannot find a way to discharge this negativity constructively, they will do so destructively. They often need support to release this electrical overcharge. Outburst helps them discharge electrical overcharges in a benign way.


This remedy offers excellent support for recovery from any illness, injury, accident, trauma, or surgery. It is a deeply restorative, strengthening, and revitalizing remedy offering a blueprint for a return to dynamic good health.

Run & Play

This remedy offers support for the health and well-being of the bones, joints, and muscles. It is useful for recovery after all orthopedic injuries including bone breaks. It also offers helpful information for conditions, including arthritis, that interfere with joyful, flexible, and carefree movement.

Senior Citizen

This remedy helps older animals to maintain their emotional equilibrium and good cheer during any declines in function associated with the aging process. It helps to reverse the declines to whatever degree is possible in areas such as flexibility, eyesight, hearing, energy levels, mobility, and general flow of systems.


This remedy addresses all issues of separation anxiety. It offers support for all animals navigating time alone or in the care of people other than their pack leaders. This is an excellent remedy to leave in an animal’s water bowl or with a pet sitter when you are away from home.


First developed for show animals, this remedy encourages balanced selfexpression for animals in and out of the show ring. Offering helpful information about balancing temperament and finding emotional equilibrium, it supports shy and retiring animals to blossom and very assertive animals to find the necessary poise and restraint to shine in or out of the limelight.


When animals discharge negativity or express irritation through spraying or litter box issues, this remedy helps them to resolve their emotional issues and release any resentment, pent-up anger, territorial aggression, or emotional confusion without spraying.


This remedy supports any animal preparing to die. It helps with issues of physical stamina during the work of dying. It supports the spiritual work done during the last stages of life. One additional thing to know about Transition is that it can be used without any concern that it will bring on or speed up the dying process. It offers great support and comfort during an animal’s dying process, but in no way affects the timetable of events. This remedy also helps animals to feel safe, encouraged, and supported through other kinds of transitions. It is helpful for any change dynamic.

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