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Poison Control Contact Information

Emergency ID Me! by Critter Cozy

Just imagine being directly affected by Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma. Your home is gone as is most everything you own. Your pet has gotten separated from you. Because of the conditions you cannot search for them. Your only resort is to pray they too were rescued and being cared for by a rescue organization. Now fast forward a few days or a week. The situation is getting better and you begin your search for them. How will you be able to identify them to the rescue organizations that by now are caring for hundreds if not thousands of pets?

This card could be just what you need to bring your pet home. The front of the card has a photo of your pet, their name and any unique identifying markings that further aid in an ID. The back features a photo of your family with your pet. This further Identifies this pet as yours. The other contact information provides critical resources that you may need in a moment’s notice if you end up in an emergency vet office.

Note: Your card will either be vertical or horizontal depending upon your pet's photo. Family photo too, will be either horizontal or vertical depending upon the photo.

Emergency ID Me! card  
FREE SHIPPING in continental US
Laminated waterproof card
Input your pet's Information
Your price only $


for the first
 $3.00 for each additional duplicate card for the same pet ordered at the same time.

* Requred Input
Card Front
* Pet Name :
Max 15 Characters
Identifying marks :
Max 40 Characters
Card Back
* Vet Name :
Max 22 characters
* Vet Phone Number :
Max 10 Characters
* Emergency Vet Name :
Max 17 Characters
* Emergency Vet Phone Number:
Max 10 Characters
Pet Insurance Co. Name :
Max 19 Characters
Policy # :
Max 17 Characters
Microchip Co. Name :
Max 24 Characters
Microchip Number :
Max 18 Characters
* Poison Control Organization:
Other Important Information :
Max 44 Characters
Select Pet image to upload:
Select Pet with family image to upload:


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