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Pet Health Passport

My Cat's Health and I.D. Records provides assistance in keeping your pet's medical and other important information in one convenient location. From tracking veterinary exams to looking up pet service and supply resources, this "Pet Health Passport" offers your family an ideal means to help protect and care for your pet.

Pet Health Passport is particularly valuable for pets who travel. Airlines request veterinarian's health certificates before allowing pets on board. Most states and other countries require current rabies shots, and often other types of vaccines. When signed and stamped by your pet's veterinarian, this product can serve as your pet's immunization record for travel or boarding purposes.

If you plan to leave your pet at home with a family member, friend or neighbor while you travel, this "Pet Health Passport" will clearly show your pets health status as of the last vet visit, should your pet require emergency veterinarian while you are away.

In these times of uncertainty keep this must have product in your pet’s evacuation bag and first aid kit. In the event that your pet must be boarded or placed in an evacuation shelter you can prove they're up to date vaccines, veterinary care as well as any current medications or treatments.


Save when you purchase with the Home Alone card & First Alert Decal (Available in continental US only)

Pet Health Passport for cat
FREE SHIPPING in continental US

A Complete and convenient resource for your pet's information

A great resource when traveling with your pet

Up to date medical history at hand

Keep with your personal records for emergencies

A must for your pets first aid kit and evacuation bag

Made in the USA

Your cost only $


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