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Cover Me for Cat by Tulane's Closet

Prevents licking & chewing at surgical sutures & hot spots
Works well to avoid conception when you pet is in heat
Soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, 100% Peruvian Cotton Fabric
Preshrunk so there is very little shrinkage
Doesn’t interfere with litter box use for both males and females
Designed specifically for a cats anatomy
Available only as Pull-Over in a great cat print
Adjustable Fit design for extra comfort.
Also available for dogs
Your price only $


 each + $9.95 Shipping (Shipped by USPS priority mail)
Ahh, This is so much better
than being a cone head!
Cover Me photos
Cover Me for Cat by Tui

Pull-Over Print
Print fabric cat pattern

Yellow fabric pattern

Select Sleeve Length:
Select Size:
Select Color:


The Cat Cover Me by Tulane's Closet garments are only available in the pullover style. Each garment has a modified potty flap to allow for the cat’s anatomy and still use the litter box when necessary. Unlike the dog version this potty cover does not need to be snapped up out of the way.

Does your pet have a sore that he/she is always licking or biting? Hot spots, rashes, skin allergies? How about a recent surgical incision that your pet just won't leave alone to heal? Excessive licking often leads to chewing. When your pet licks or bites at sutures they can remove them in a matter of seconds causing a stressful, expensive trip back to the vet for new sutures! Not fun for anyone! If you ever tried one of those plastic "Elizabethan collars" (e-Collars) or other protective collar you know how bulky and uncomfortable they can be for your pet.

The patented Cover Me by Tui has all the benefits of those bulky lamp shade e-collars without the negative side-effects. Made of 100% Peruvian cotton which is 4 x the strength and length as a traditional cotton fiber that is very durable, light weight and breathable fabric. The fabric is preshrunk so the Cover Me by Tui has very little shrinkage, should wash in cold water and them putting in the dryer, no problem. The wonderful thing about Peruvian cotton is even if the garment shrinks a tad you can always gently pull the fabric in the direction that the garment needs to be brought back to its original shape or size after washing. Great fabric!!

SizeBack *
Chest Size **Neck
Small13"11" - 14"8"$27.95Up to 8 lbs.
Medium16"14" - 17"9"$29.95Up to 12 lbs.
Large16"15" - 18"10"$33.95Up to 16 lbs.
X-Large18"17" - 19"12"$36.95Up to 22 lbs.

*Back Length measured from base of neck to base of tail
**Measure the broadest part of the chest. If the measurement is between sizes or if your pet has a stouter build, select a garment one size larger for a proper fit.

How to measure for Cover Me
How to put on a Pullover Cover Me