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Breeze Guards® Screens

Breeze Guards
Custom-made for each make and model vehicle. See Return Policy
Top 5 Rated at 2011 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show
Pets can stay safe and comfortable in your car with the windows down
Fits your car’s window opening snuggly and securely
Made from welded steel wire mesh and have a black powder coated finish.
Hand fabricated in the U.S.
Car windows can be raised and lowered while BreezeGuards® is in place.
Installation video PDF
Think Twice Before Rolling Down Your Car Window for Your Pup
It's ok, the video above has a happy ending, but it offers a cautionary “tail” that demonstrates part of the dark side of why we make our BreezeGuard® screens. We always try to focus on the comfort of the dog but the reality is we worry. (Note: video contains profanity)


for a pair + $36.00 S&H
 2 BreezeGuards® Screens If your vehicle is not listed please contact us and we will be happy to check on your request
Model Type:
Front/Back Windows:
Vin Number:
Phone Number: (Used for shipping and in case there is a question)
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At last! A sturdy product that will allow your pet to safely ride in the car with the windows open. With BreezeGuards® your pet can safely enjoy the fresh air and wind from an open car window and you won't worry about their safety! This product eliminates the fear of your pet escaping through an open window. No more leaving the window open a crack if you step out for a brief moment. Now the window can be left open all the way with your pet securely inside. BreezeGuards® will securely cover the entire window opening. This product also allows you to keep it in place and still operate the windows! Install and forget it! BreezeGuards® are custom made for your car's make and model. They are sold only in pairs. You can even have them made for the front or rear windows of your car.

BreezeGuards® are strong and withstand very large and aggressive dogs. Essentially, these are cage panels. The mesh screens will even outlast the life of your vehicle!

Made of 1/4" raw steel welded wire mesh that is welded to a 3/16" raw steel frame and powder coated. Care is taken during manufacturing to check each panel for any sharp edges before shipping.

All items will be shipped via UPS Ground. Please allow 3 weeks for the manufacturing and shipping process.

CAUTION: This product is not intended to eliminate your loving care and attention of your pet. Critter Cozy does not advocate leaving your pet in an unattended vehicle at anytime. The BreezeGuards® is not intended to keep your children safe.

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