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Lavender Essential Oil & Reusable Sachet

This new reusable lavender sachet helps to calm your pet naturally. Instead of being filled with dried lavender flowers these products are filled with an absorbent non-toxic insert. Perfect for pets that exhibit separation anxiety, upset by trips to the vet or groomer, thunderstorms or are generally nervous. Simply put 3-4 drops of the lavender essential oil on the reusable sachet. Over time the fragrance will dissipate so simply add more lavender on the reusable sachet and you are ready to go! Let the natural aromatherapy benefits of lavender calm your pet!

The sachet is perfect to clip it to your pet’s collar. It can be worn as needed or all the time for a continuous soothing effect. This is not only helpful for your pet but you can even pin it to your pillow to help you relax and maybe get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Lavender Oil is not suitable to use directly on cats. It can be in their environment. The reusable sachet is not recommended for use on your cat’s collar. We recommend using the Lavender sachet instead.
  2. Lavender is not only calming for your pet but for you as well. If using in the car please note that you may become quite relaxed and may not be safe while you are driving. The Lavender sachet may be a better option in this case.

FREE SHIPPING in continental US
Help reduce stress from storms, separation, vet visits.
Soothe and calm your pet during stressful times

Large Sachet
1.5" W X 2.0" H
(Clip hangs 2" from collars "D" ring)
Small Sachet
1.5" W X 1.25" H Sachet
(Clip hangs 2 1/2" from collars "D" ring)
Aura Cacia Pure 0.5 oz Levender Essential Oil
Sachet AloneIncluding 0.5 oz. Lavender OilSachet AloneIncluding 0.5 oz. Lavender Oil
Large Laventer Sachet
Select Style/Color:
Add 0.5 oz. Lavender Oil

Small Laventer Sachet
Select Style/Color:
Add 0.5 oz. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

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