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Sleepypod Air by Sleepypod

The Sleepypod Air carrier is approved for Air travel as well as car travel. The Sleepypod Air adapts to the various under-seat storage requirements set by different airlines with a unique system of folding up the ends of the carrier during takeoff and landing when the carrier is required to be under the seat. When you are in flight simply take the carrier out from under the seat, place it between your legs and unfold the ends so your pet has the maximum amount of room and you can stretch out your legs as well. This carrier also has a pass through pocket allowing you to secure the Sleepypod Air to the telescoping handle on carry-on luggage.

For use in the car the Sleepypod Air includes straps on both sides to secure a car seat belt in place around Sleepypod Air for the ride to and from the airport. Each Sleepypod Air includes the PPRS Handilock. PPRS Handilock was designed to augment Sleepypod air car safety. This positioning keeps the carrier in the seat in the event of an accident. Sleepypod Air was put through the same safety testing that continues to position Sleepypod among one of the safest pet product manufacturers on the market (see crash testing video).

Interior Dimension21"10"9.5"
Exterior Dimension22"10.5"10"
For dogs up to 15 lbs and cats up to 18 lbs

Sleepypod Air by Sleepypod
Sleepypod Air on Luggage

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Airline approved and fits almost all airline in cabin requirements
Compressible ends fold from 22″ to 19″ and finally to 16″ to fit the requirements of all under seat airline requirements
Top compresses down to 8″ if required
Open air large mesh windows on top and ends
Tear resistant ripstop mesh
Privacy mesh from the outside while sill providing good visibility from the inside
Sliding panel for privacy, wind and rain protection
Ballistic nylon exterior
Washable plush bedding
Passed 30mph baby seat crash testing
Vet approved and preferred
The whole top unzips for full access
Sleepypod instructional video
How To Prepare Your Pet For In-Cabin Airplane Travel video
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Sleepypod Air warmer

Sleepypod mobile pet bed warmer The Sleepypod warming pad is available for added security and to ward away the cold of those especially chilly nights. The low wattage warmer is designed to maintain a toasty 102°F (39°C), perfect for those times when a human lap just isn't available. The adaptor with its quick disconnect cord is rated for 100-240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz. Includes: US power supply and 12V automotive plug for use on the road. When not using the warmer, simply remove it from the Sleepypod or tuck the connector inside the bedding to prevent your pet from chewing on it. The warmer is not designed for use outside the Sleepypod and will not heat up fully unless properly installed in the Sleepypod. The Sleepypod Warmer Pad is completely sealed so that it remains safe when wet and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.

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Sleepypod Air replacement liner

Sleepypod air replacement liner You can purchase replacement liners to suit your pet's particular needs. A new liner will keep your Sleepypod looking as fresh as the day you bought it. The 100% polyester ultra plush is machine washable: cold water, gentle cycle with like colors. Tumble dry on low. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

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